Most crest logos are $35.00-$50.00 to set up. Your per item is between $5.50-13.00 depending on stitch count plus a price for garments.

Hats most simple logos 12 hats $9.00 ea

36 hats $8.00 ea front logo. Add $4.00 per side or back.

Flexifit hats 12 $13.00 ea

Flexifit hats 36 $11.00 ea

This is an average price we will quote on all orders.

Your group name and basketball logo or soccer ball, football or helment. $8.50 crest size add name or number $10.50.
Individual names on any item $6.50 the first 6 letters add .50 per letter. This is based on under 1 inch Group orders less
Set up disk design charges cover the time and labor involved in creation of such tapes. The actual disk remains the property of SNT Graphics,(to be used only by the customer who paid the design charge.
SNT Policy is to embroidery on products they distribute. You may bring items in but Snt will not replace your items for any reason.